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Answers for you

There are many different programs that can help with financial aid. One program that we recommend is Stratus Financial. You can call us any time to get more information or start the application process.

Yes! We can help you if you are trying to convert your license or obtain your license just give us a call and we will put you on the right track!

We have many different payment options for you! You can put a block amount of credit onto your account. We suggest this method first because you will be able to get our block rate. Our block rate lets you pay a discounted rate for the plane. The second option is to use a financing program. There are many out there, although we suggest Stratus Financial. More information about them can be found on our website. Another payment option is to pay as we go. Each lesson is around $250 to $300 and can be paid as you do each flight lesson.

We ask that you cancel 48 hours in advance to avoid a charge fee.

The whole process is going to be anywhere from $12,000 to $14,000. The reason that there is a big gap is because of how many hours you may need. Legally you only need 40 hours, but most students complete the program with 55 hours. This is less than the national average which is 65 hours. With our program you are charged per hour for the plane rental and instructor.

Yes! That sets us apart from other flight schools. Whenever we have a plane down or have a squawk, our maintenance crew comes out right then to assess and fix the problem. Most other flight schools have to wait a day to get someone out to look at their planes. Our maintenance shop is on the airport and also supports our other customers who own aircraft. If you are needing aircraft maintenance, visit the CAVU page on our website!