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Spartan's 15-15 Program


Looking to earn your bachelor’s degree? Continue to fly at your local school while working toward your bachelor’s degree. Spartan College combines your technical training with education in communication, quantitative reasoning, and critical thinking, as well as business management to help prepare you to meet challenges in the field. The training, experience, and education you receive with our technology management degree allows you to increase your knowledge and management skills. Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Technology Management degree program are more well-rounded and will be more prepared for future opportunities including entry-level management.

You already started flying

Our Bachelor of Science in Technology Management degree was designed with you in mind. Private Pilot certification is equivalent to 15 credits and Certified Flight Instructor Certification is equivalent to 15 more credits. If you are approved to transfer up to 30 credit hours based on your current certifications and experience, that can help reduce tuition costs, and could take your training from 31 months to as few as 23 months. Our team can help evaluate your experience and determine your eligibility.

Why Spartan

Beyond training more than 100,000 pilots and technicians over the last 90 years, Spartan is an accredited college with access to financial aid for those who qualify. Our Bachelor of Science in Technology Management program has experienced faculty for core courses and live tutoring support available. . For those in Tulsa, our program can be delivered in a hybrid model – partially online and partially in person. For those who want more flexibility – our program is also offered fully online*. See “What’s the fine print” below to find out if you are in a state that is eligible for online education.


So, what does this all mean? If you want to go back to school for your Bachelor of Science in Technology Management degree, Spartan College could be the right fit for you.

  • Time

    • The possibility to use your experience as transfer credits (pending a credit evaluation)

    • With up to 30 approved aviation related transfer credits, you could reduce program time from 31 months to 23

    • Continue to at your current school while working on your bachelor’s degree

  • Funding

    • Scholarships Opportunities for up to 20% of total tuition costs for those who qualify

    • Financial aid options for those who qualify

    • Approved credit transfers can reduce the program cost – because you only pay for what you need

  • Experience

    • Spartan College has been training pilots and technicians for over 90 years

    • The Bachelor of Science in Technology Management program has experienced faculty for core courses

    • Accredited Programs

    • Live Tutoring Support is regularly available for students

    • Flexibility – using our Hybrid or Online* program options – you can choose how you obtain your training (see below for more details on our online delivery options).

To apply and to find more information visit