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Zero to Commercial Pilot Program

Every Aviator has an origin story. A prologue of an Aviation journey that defines their continuous achievements and successes over failure. More than just a desire to fly, this story provides a vehicle for an aviator’s empowerment.

We at NextGen Flight Academy are dedicated to developing your origin story.

  • Our Office Administration guides you through scheduling your Aviation experiences around your time.

  • Our Certified Flight Instructors (CFI) establish an Aviation foundation and path to becoming a professional Aviator.

  • Our NextGen leadership ensure that your story is developed in a safe, professional and comfortable atmosphere ​

Our Part 141 program provides a time sensitive training environment, while our Part 61 program provides a flexible training environment to meet your schedule. In both programs you will achieve your Student Pilot Certificate, Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Pilot Rating and Commercial Pilot Certificate.

Whichever program you choose, you can feel confident that your origin story will be written as you progress from “Zero to Hero”