Complex Endorsement

Airplanes that have retractable landing gear, flaps, and a controllable pitch propeller are considered complex. Sea planes (no retractable landing gear) and airplanes with FADEC (or other electronic engine control) are considered complex as well. The complex endorsement is relatively easy to obtain, yet affords a pilot the ability to fly a wider range of […]

High Performance Endorsement

A high-performance airplane is one with an engine that is greater than 200hp. These airplanes are typically more capable and require specific training to understand the unique characteristics of the high-performance engine and systems. Engine and airplane management is an extremely important skill to perfect. This allows the pilot to operate airplanes that travel fast, […]

Tailwheel Endorsement

There was a time in our beautiful country where airports were not a developed as the modern airport. Most had dirt or grass runways and unimproved taxi and parking areas. The tailwheel was uniquely designed to operate from those airports. Today’s airports are improved, however there is still a place for tailwheel airplanes and pilots! […]

High Altitude Endorsement

Airplanes, especially turbo-prop airplanes, perform more efficiently at higher altitudes. However, humans do not. In order to allow us to operate at altitudes above 25,000 feet, airplanes are designed with pressurization systems. Managing the performance and pressure systems in an airplane at higher altitudes requires unique skills and knowledge. As an endorsement process, there are […]