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Multi Engine Rating

Aviators are never idle. They seek opportunities to challenge and hone their skills. Obtaining a Multi-Engine rating provides that opportunity with an increasingly complex and capable airplane. Whether you are a Private Pilot or Commercial Pilot, NextGen Flight Academy provides an efficient and safe flying environment to allow you to continue to add to your Aviation origin story.

Private Pilots enjoy the challenges to operate more capable aircraft to transport friends and family further distances. Commercial Pilots prepare for their careers by obtaining the Multi-Engine rating often required for airlines and charter flight operations. NextGen’s Part 61 or Part 141 will safely prepare you for your multi-Engine rating.

Multi Engine Requirements

If you are a Private or Commercial Pilot
If you are not a Private Pilot
  • Be Able to Read, Write and Converse Fluently in English

  • Hold an FAA Medical

  • Checkride

  • No Written Test Required

  • No Minimum Flight Hours

    • The Industry Average is 10 Flight Hours

  • Be Able to Read, Write and Converse Fluently in English

  • 40 Hours Total Flight Time 

  • 20 Hours Dual Flight Training 

  • 10 Hours Solo Flight

  • Written Exam 

  • Hold a FAA Medical Certificate or BasicMed

  • Checkride

Part 61 available. Our Part 141 program is coming soon.

NextGen Flight Academy has teamed up with Stratus Financial to offer financing packages to take you from your first flight to the Airlines.
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