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For certain individuals, working with your relatives probably won’t be the best circumstance. Yet, this isn’t true for the Petitt family who left a mark on the world last July 23, 2022 for being the principal mother-team to elegance the skies as co-pilots for Southwest Carriers! For Chief Holly Petitt and first official Keely Petitt, they’ve made another home with one another in the pilot’s cockpit!

The excursion to being a pilot was difficult for Holly Pettit, who needed to shuffle being a full-time mother to three kids while functioning as an airline steward for another organization. Despite the fact that the field in those days was overwhelmed by men, that didn’t prevent Holly from chasing after her fantasy about being a pilot. So she got her flight confirmations despite everything and turned into a pilot with Southwest for 18 long fulfilling years!

Her assurance set an incredible guide to her little girl, Keely, who was just 14 years of age when her own fantasies about turning into a pilot were likewise understood. In 2017, she at last acquired her pilot’s permit and was conceded a temporary position with her mom’s aircraft organization – Southwest.

As indicated by Keely, “Southwest was dependably the ultimate objective. There was actually never some other choice.”

after 5 years, on July 23, 2022, Keely had the option to achieve one more accomplishment in her life – flying with her mom in the cockpit. They directed the a departure from Denver to St. Louis, which as indicated by Holly, was “a blessing from heaven.”

The mother-couple have brought pride for Southwest Carriers, who made an announcement and praised the individuals for leaving a mark on the world: “Our Kin are the Core of Southwest. We need to guarantee we’re preparing our Representatives so they have a profession with Heart and Reason. Not exclusively are Holly and Keely making Southwest history, yet additionally they’re breaking boundaries and enabling ladies, everything being equal, to seek after their fantasies in avionics, and joke planned, go after the skies.”

Praise to ladies who won’t hesitate to try to achieve the impossible!

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