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Multi Engine Instructor - (MEI)

As a multi-Engine pilot, you have enjoyed operating complex and capable airplanes. Sharing that skill and experience with other aviators is a rewarding opportunity. Whether you are adding a multi-Engine instructor rating or obtaining your initial instructor rating, the NextGen MEI program will prepare you to become a successful educator.

Requirements for MEI are:

Valid multi-Engine commercial pilot w/ instrument rating

or ATP Pilot Certificate

Read, speak, write, and understand English

At least 15 hours PIC in the category and class of aircraft appropriate to the flight instructor rating sought.

3rd class or higher medical

70% or better score on Flight Instructor Airplane (FIA) knowledge test

Practical test prep flights within the preceding 2 calendar months with an authorized CFI (per §61.39(a)6)

At least 18 years old

70% or better score on Fundamentals of Instructing (FOI) knowledge test or already possess a ground instructor or flight instructor certificate or hold a teaching certificate for 7th grade or above

NOTE: If this is an “add-on”, the knowledge tests are not required.

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