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Commercial Pilot - Airplane SEL

As a Private Pilot you were able to focus on personal goals and empowerment. The Instrument Rating allowed you to become disciplined and fly with precision. 

Now, as a Commercial Pilot you will be able to be compensated for your achievements!

Commercial Pilot Requirements

Hold an FAA 2nd Class Medical

50 Hours Must Be in Airplanes

10 Hours Solo or 10 Hours of Flight Time Performing Duties of PIC in SEL Airplane

  • 1 Cross Country Over 300 Nautical Miles Total Distance
    • 3 Landings
    • One Leg Must Be At Least 250 Nautical Miles Straight Line Distance
  • 5 Hours Night VFR at A Controlled Airport
    • 10 Takeoffs
    • 10 Landings

Be Able to Read, Write and Converse Fluently in English

100 Hours As PIC

10 Hours in A Complex Aircraft

2 Hours Cross Country Flight in Daytime Conditions

  • More Than 100 Nautical Miles from Departure Point ​

250 Hours Total Flight Time

50 Hours Cross Country

2 Hours Cross Country Flight in Nighttime Conditions

  • More Than 100 Nautical Miles from Departure Point 


Our Part 141 program provides a time sensitive training environment, while our Part 61 program provides a flexible training environment to meet your schedule. In both programs you will achieve your Commercial Pilot’s License.

NextGen Flight Academy has teamed up with Stratus Financial to offer financing packages to take you from your first flight to the Airlines.
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